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Those are the things you stand for. 

You're a passionate and beautiful faith focused entrepreneur with BIG dreams. I know God has given you a powerful and amazing vision, hasn't He?

You can't stop thinking about having more freedom in your life, success in your business, and a powerful purpose centered on God. 

You want so badly to make your dreams and desires a reality but you don’t know where to start. But one thing’s for sure -

You've spent countless hours and dollars on fancy programs that don't deliver. You’re worn out and discouraged because you don’t know the right steps to take or who you can really trust to bring you closer to achieving God’s vision for your life.

You've been praying for God to connect you with a heart centered business woman who can take complex marketing strategies and break them down so you can take ACTION!

You want to build your business on a strong foundation of biblical principles but you're struggling to find the right resources. 

Sweet Friend, I have been in your shoes.

Sitting with a vision straight from God but having no idea how to execute it.

Finding resources, but none that spoke to my values and beliefs. I didn’t want to sacrifice the things that mattered most to me in order to build a business.

It left me feeling defeated and questioning my path and calling.

You're probably feeling the same way, aren't you?


Each night you question: Why would God put this vision in my head and not help me execute it?

I know you’re here for answers. You need a Christian Business Coach you can trust, who deeply cares about helping you build an impactful business centered on God.

I'm so grateful God equipped me with over two decades of experience in business, technology, and strategy so I can teach you everything you need to know. I want to show you how to leverage online marketing strategies to create your signature content, grow your audience, increase your sales, and impact the world with your purpose… all the while keeping your eyes and heart on Christ.

It is possible!

It's time to face your fears and step into the calling God created you for.

Sweet Friend, God doesn't want you playing small. He wants you to be proud of your accomplishments. He has given you the vision, skills, and courageous faith it takes to transform your business and begin working for Him daily.

I'm here to support you as you step into your calling and your passions.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,
for those who are called according to his purpose.
- Romans 8:28

About Michele

My life is filled with so much LOVE & fulfillment, but it wasn’t always this way. I LOVE connecting, encouraging, and serving women to reach their higher calling in life. It takes courage to live a BIG life when you feel broken and imperfect. 


There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who lets go of the chains and steps into her true, powerful, authentic self. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, nurse, entrepreneur, pastor’s wife, or corporate 9-5’er you are WORTHY of a beautiful life. Click here to read more about the real and beautiful lives that have been transformed with my coaching programs.


I am REAL! I believe we’re all broken and perfectly imperfect. You were created to fulfill a purpose, a mission only YOU can fulfill. Find inspiration and words of hope from a real woman just fighting to be the best Mom, Friend, Daughter, Wife, and Sister she can be.