I’m worth more dead than alive. That way, I can at least help my family with my life insurance policy.

It wasn’t that long ago when that thought ran through my head like a broken record. I had a house to run, family to take care of, kids to nurture, and a life to live. But instead…


Because being the sensitive, soulful, and passionate person I am, I never imagined I’d have a failing business and a miserable life.

I thought I could have it all: a thriving business, a passionate marriage, and a life that truly lit me up inside.

But here I was! Drowning further and further in the sea of invisibility, namelessness, and despair… sinking deeper with every passing day.

You can probably relate to this because in a way, you may feel like this now.

Thankfully, life started to take a turn for the better. My head was above water and things were okay… at least, I didn’t feel like I was drowning on a daily basis.

That’s when I realized, God had created me for something more, SO MUCH MORE!

For the first time, I finally felt I wasn’t put on this Earth to lead anything BUT an amazing, blessed life. And neither were you.

I took a step back and deeply connected with God. I wanted to renew my life and live for Him. I leaned on Him and began listening and searching for what really would allow me to share my gifts with the world.

You know how they say “when you want something really bad, the whole universe conspires to make it happen!” Well… That’s exactly what happened to me.

After 15 years of struggling to find peace, love, and happiness I took ownership of my path, connected with the Holy Spirit, and began rebuilding my life.

One belief, value, and calling at a time.

I made God and His mission for me a priority. Through daily prayer, gratitude, and living to honor God, I’ve been able to release the chains of jealousy, negative thinking, and perfectionism. I’ve redefined my life and created an unshakeable foundation built on Christ.

My life has since been filled with an abundance of love & blessings.

Now, I get to do what I love - inspiring, encouraging, and serving Godly women just like you to step into their calling in business.

It takes courage to build a BIG business centered on God.

I love Jesus Christ and I believe we are all beautiful and worthy of love & grace. I am not defined by success or a past that felt like a never-ending roller coaster of self-doubt, depression, insecurity, and pain.

Your past doesn’t define you either, sweet friend.

I honestly never thought I’d see the fairytale ending of my Cinderella story.

I believed I was destined for obesity, a failed marriage, a stagnant career, a failed business, and spiritual debt...

UNTIL I woke up one day and decided I was worth it. I knew God had created me for a BIG purpose and I set off on a journey of renewal, discovery, and healing.

I found my true and authentic Cinderella inside waiting to be unleashed!

Today, instead of lying awake wondering how I’m going to put food on my table, I lay awake at night wondering what amazing trainings or programs I can create to help women transform their businesses and create an impact on this world for God.

I dream of SERVING women and impacting the world. Utilizing my gifts of business, technology, and strategy to help women unleash their true potential and have impactful business for Him.

I always get messages from women telling me how inspiring I am and how I’m changing their lives. Those comments mean the world to me and remind me of how far God has brought me!

I listen intently.
I feel deeply.
I shine brightly.
I love fiercely.

God guides me and shows me who I should help.

I know, it’s no mistake you’re reading this page right now.

I know he’s been pursuing you, calling to you, sparking dreams, and showing you the visions He has for you. Friend, He has big plans for YOU and He's filled you with all of the skills and knowledge to have a flourishing and impactful business centered on Him.

Because God put you on this earth to do more than just survive.

You were meant to thrive.

Life is meant to be LIVED! When I’m not serving my own clients I’m supporting the women at my church, having fun with my family, or traveling. I’ve been able to transform my family, marriage, and relationships by relentlessly pursuing God’s vision for my life.

I am living a courageously confident life, fiercely facing my fears.....and YOU can too.

God’s been calling you for more. Will you answer the call today?

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