Simple Strategies to Enjoy Your FOMO-Free Summer

This, dear reader, is the power of automation....

...consistent visibility
…brain space to create different content
...freedom to enjoy the life you’re living AS you’re living it

And this power is the power I’m going to help you harness in today’s post so that you can get every sun-shiny drop of joy from your FOMO-free summer.

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Three Steps Mompreneurs take to create a summer they’re not wishing would end three weeks after it started.

I’m not going to have you pull everything you do and every subscription you have for your business out and ask “does this spark joy” (although I’m sure you wouldn’t be sad with yourself if you did), but I am going to lead you through a system of getting to the essential.

  1. Minimize expenses

  2. Plan for a fall launch

  3. Create a 90 day content strategy

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Strengthen Your Super Power

Sister, if you want beautiful, wonderful, and joyous freedom, you gotta start strengthening your mind. It’s time to start focusing your mind on your Creator.
“Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 4: 7  

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Faith Focused Entrepreneurs

Are you a women who is deep in her faith and worried about building a business? 

I am here to tell you Sister, it is OK to have a business centered around GOD.
I want you to know GOD wants this for you.
If you've been given the calling to build a God centered business, it's your obligation to trust God, step into your purpose, and get it together. 

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5 Steps to Make more money in your Faith Focused Business

But, you might feel your dream fleeting because you're struggling to get your business in the green. Friend, I want to share with you 5 steps you can take TODAY to start making more money in your Faith Focused business.

God is our ultimate light in our journey. He has great plans for us. Before we talk about the steps I want you to evaluate how much you're bringing God into your business. 

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Increase Your Sales Without Being Unfriended

Browsing your newsfeed on various social media channels can often feel like A BIG LONG COMMERCIAL.


Because I love you (and I want to save your reputation and your relationships) I'm going to share with you 7 ways you can increase your sales using social media without being labeled!

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Your Mind is a Muscle

I know you want to be all in with your purpose and all in with your calling, but you must be conscious of your thoughts.

Focusing on the success of others breeds insecurity and creating a confident mindset breeds empowerment.

How can you breed empowerment into your life?

I want to share with you 5 steps that I encourage my clients to take so they can live a fuller life.

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Are you trusting God with your future?

Investing in your business can be scary and overwhelming but guess's NECESSARY!
Like many others you might be scared to spend money and take risks on something uncertain with no guarantee. When you hoard your money you are telling GOD you don't trust Him. Have you ever thought about that?

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4 Key Steps to Making Money While Living in Purpose

When you're a faith focused entrepreneur it can be challenging to put yourself out there. It's important for you to feel like EVERYTHING you do resides within your core values and is in alignment with the purpose and calling God has created you for. 

There are 4 key steps to making money while living in purpose.

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Success Doesn't Always Mean God Approves

As we move through life we must make sure our ego and achievements aren't dictating our connection with God. Where, as long as YOU are getting what YOU want, you'll pray. You'll give him the attention you think he deserves. 

Even in the height of your success you may be carrying around spiritual debt. It masks itself in the form of comparison, jealousy, perfectionism, egoism, etc. 

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The Suited Entrepreneur Exclusive Interview

I had the amazing privilege last Friday to share my passion and how YOU can get started centering your business on God.

I loved connecting with Audrey from The Suited Entrepreneur. We talked about my journey and why finding Godly advisors is so important when you're embarking on your purpose driven journey.

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Calling all Faith Focused Entrepreneurs

There is so much more to our faith than simply showing up for church on Sunday or praying to God every morning. 

We spend most of the hours in our week working. How are you including God in your business?

Join the 5 day Prayer Challenge to embrace your purpose, revive your business and allow God to guide you to full-fill your destiny.

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