Should You Start a Facebook Group?

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After writing a super informative here’s-all-I-know-about-Facebook groups (it was pretty boring, to be honest) I decided to scrap it and give you deep, value-packed answers to the TWO MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTIONS when it comes to Facebook groups.  

Sound good?!

Also, we’re gonna pretend this is a coaching session, so if you have questions make sure you leave them in the comments!!!

Okay, here we go!  

Should I start a Facebook group?

I’ve got two questions for you.

1) Are you a coach, creative, or business owner selling products online?

If you’re a creative, “Spend your time building relationships and offering value in other groups.  Pick about five groups and be active.”

TIP #1: Introduce yourself in the group (use the introduction guidelines in TIP #3).  Like and comment other people's comments and posts. Once a week offer REAL value either in a post of your own or commenting on a post.  When you find someone who aligns with what you’re doing send them a friend request or PM. Get to know them better and then when it makes sense, schedule a 30min phone call.

If you’re a coach or business owner selling products online, “Consider spending your time cultivating your own group where you can curate the environment (ie, ideal clients).”

2) Is your goal to build community or credibility?

If you want community, a facebook group is where it’s at.
If you want credibility, spend your time on a business page.

I know the Facebook business page algorithms are a pain right now, but FB groups take a lot of work and time.  I’ll be the first to say, “My Facebook group is my girl club,” but it’s my thirteen hundred fans on my business page that make others take me seriously.

How can I increase engagement in my Facebook group?

  • THEMED DAYS.  I suggest having one or two a week.  If you have more than that, mix them up so your tribe doesn’t get burned out. I know, because I just muted a group that had a theme day of every.single.week!

TIP #2: Pick the theme you want to offer your tribe each week and THEN pick the day you’re going to serve them.  It’s really fun to have “Make it Happen Monday” and “Wednesday Wins,” but if you’re talking about lipstick or essential oils it might be better to do “Glam it up Tuesday” and help your audience choose the best color for their outfit, or “Oil to the Rescue Thursday” and ask your audience to share their favorite essential oil treatments.

  • ENGAGE.  Whenever your tribe engages, make sure they know you see it.  Like their post or comment and make sure your reply! Every once in a while send a PM to your most engaged members letting them know how much you appreciate them!
  •  DON’T GIVE UP.  My facebook group is hopping right now, (I LOVE those girls!) but I spent almost TWO YEARS posting faithfully and hearing crickets before it became what it is today.
  • LEAD THE WAY.  If you want your audience to be real, be real.  If you want them to ask questions, ask questions.  If you want them to be encouraging, encourage.
  • INTRODUCTIONS.  Ask new members to introduce themselves.  Share a (weekly or monthly) welcome post where you tag the new members and ask them to introduce themselves.  Go above and beyond by adding the outline below to your post, so your new members don’t feel like it's the first day of Jr. High.

TIP #3: Introduction Outline (Use this for introducing yourself to other groups too!)
1. Your name. "Hey Girls! I'm Michele Edwards!"
2. What do you do and who do you serve. "I'm a Faith Focused Business Coach who helps women make their business dreams a reality! I love supporting purpose driven women in digital marketing, business launches, web design, and branding. I love all the techy and creative mumbo jumbo!"
3. One unique/memorable thing about you. "I've got 3 kids, a husband who's from Boston, and I love playing cards!"
4. A smiling headshot of yourself.

  • PROVIDE PROMO DAYS.  No one likes to be in a salesy group, but it starts to feel awkward when you know you’re in group of business owners and no one is selling.  So, once or twice a month give your audience an opportunity to share. Around here, we call it “Shameless Share Saturday.”
  • BE AWESOME.  In the midst of curating a safe and non-salesy group don’t forget to offer your services.  Remember your audience is there because you have something to offer - it's how they got there in the first place.  Whether it’s a free five day video course, $20 ebook, or chance to be your coaching client, make sure you offer them something once a month.

If you’re ready to start your OWN Facebook group or still have questions I would LOVE to work with you.  Just fill out this application get one of the LAST TWO COACHING SLOTS!!!

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