Clearing Out the Clutter

How are you impacted by the clutter in your life?

The clutter in your home?
The clutter in your heart?
The clutter in your relationships?
The clutter in your time?
The clutter in your mind?

Clutter in all areas of our life impedes our movement & efficiency through life. 

Clutter at home impedes priorities in my family. Too much "stuff" at home blocks me from growing my relationships with my kids and my husband. Maybe you can relate? 

Clutter in my heart stops me from feeling. Feeling what's happening in the lives of the people close to me. It creates disconnect and selfishness in my life. Are you shutting people out?

Clutter in my relationships presents itself in the form of drama, self loathing. It builds up walls and stops healing and forgiveness. It impedes love.

When my time is cluttered I'm not present. I live reactively, always hustling to the next thing. Apologizing to the people I love about how I'm so "busy".

Clutter in my mind keeps me awake at night. Worrying and stressing about what I'm not doing or what balls I'm dropping. Who I'm going to disappoint.

Finding ways to declutter leaves room for your purpose to thrive. It creates room for you to make an impact on this world. 

I'm committed to finding ways to declutter my life because I have lives to impact. 

Are you committed to decluttering your life? Do you want to be present and LIVE?

Here are some simple ways you can create a more peaceful, present, and balanced life. 

Once a quarter or the changing of the seasons go through each room. Clearing out the junk you don't use, wear, or need. I always feel clear headed and peaceful when I do this. 

2. Prayer and Meditation
Take time every morning, even if it's just for 5 minutes, to listen to your heart and feel your feelings. It will keep you grounded, humble, and focused on what matters in life. 

3. Find the Positive in EVERYONE!
You won't see eye-to-eye with everyone in your life. When you deal with difficult people, instead of conspiring against them and talking about them with everyone, write down 5 things your grateful for. Even the things we dislike about others can be seen as gifts. Maybe they're teaching you how to treat others. Maybe they're giving you clarity on what you want in life?

4. Intentionally Plan Your Day
When scheduling your day learn to say NO! Know your priorities and what you want to invest in. Declutter your calendar with tasks and appointments that don't fit your mission or purpose. If you're saying "yes" because you feel obligated and it's not something you really want to do, learn to say NO!

5. Read Your Bible
If you're feeling conflicted and find yourself laying awake at night with worry, take all the worry and stress to God. Look for answers in His word. Take time to discover what he says about the challenges you're facing. Learn and let go.

Embrace the quiet. What ways can you declutter your life today?