Lean In, Do the Work, Feel the Pain

Woah! 2017 is over and I swear I feel like I made it through a hurricane, trying to catch my breath and get my legs under me. The rushes of the adrenaline and the lows of the fear rushing through my body definitely took its toll. 

I was tired of surface relationships, hiding the real me. I had amazing people in my life and business but I felt alone and disconnected.

I entered 2017 with a desire to be fully connected in all aspects of my life.

I wanted a fulfilled marriage, better relationships with my kids and my Mom. I wanted to have deep friendships. You know the kind where your BFF walks into your disaster house and just starts doing dishes.

I wanted an intimate relationship with the Lord. Mostly, I wanted to find and unleash the real, true, authentic Michele.

I wanted to stop hiding and be all in with my clients on a new level. I wanted to show up confident, strong, self disciplined, and ready to serve.

I had visions of making memories with my family, being fully present, experiencing joy, blessing others financially, gaining control of my health, up-leveling my business with huge revenue growth, making a huge impact in my online community, booking speaking events, and much more. 

When I look back I can honestly say God has brought so much connection into my life.

But....it didn’t come wrapped in a pretty package. Friend, it looked nothing like the Hallmark movies you've been watching all month.

Being present and open to connection means you must tear down the walls around you so others can come in. It requires getting on your knees and inviting God into the darkest parts of your soul. 

The connection I desired came when...
My Mom was diagnosed with cancer.
I empowered women to overcome their pasts and reconnect with God.
I faced my fear and launched the biggest program in my business.
I intentionally began developing relationships with like minded women and allowed myself to be vulnerable.
I admitted I was an alcoholic and learned to surrender to God and lean on my husband for support.
I poured myself into my clients businesses and walked with them through the peaks and valleys.

I learned to lean in, do the work, and feel the pain.

You see, I prayed and asked God for his help but I wanted Him to answer in a painless and pretty way. Maybe you've been there before too.

Friend, this year has been one big blessing! Not exactly how I hoped and prayed but His way is always best.

God gets ALL the glory for the connection in my life today. I look at all my relationships with new eyes.

I'd love to hear how God has answered your prayers this year. Comment below and share your reflections of 2017.

I hope you look back over this year and give God the glory for every win and every loss.