I didn't come this far to fall apart

Since returning home from Haiti life has been hard.

The energy has been heavy.  
My heart has been heavy.

The Holy Spirit had been telling me some of the women in my group program, Renew Revive & Thrive, were struggling and on the verge of giving up on themselves. 

Before this program started, I made a promise to myself to be there for these women.
Through the good and the bad.
Through the anger.
Through the tears.
Through the pain.
Through the bright rainbow at the end.
I told myself I would lift them up when they were down.
I would shine my light when they were dark.

I've been there before. I've been the woman on the other end of the computer not wanting to do the work.
This work is hard.
It's lonely.
It's shameful. 


There is no way around cleaning up your garden of weeds. The only way to clean up your garden is by pulling one weed at a time.

I knew it would be hard for the women in the program. I knew they would struggle. I knew there would be pain. I knew there would be sadness and anger.

However, I wasn't expecting to feel those same feelings in my life. 

You may not be in the group program, but you are not alone in the struggles you're facing. 

The last couple of weeks have been exhausting.
I've been struggling emotionally and physically. 
My home has been disconnected.
My marriage has been hard.
Health issues have invaded my family 

I feel Satan sitting on my head all day long.
He's in every conversation.
He's in my group program.
He's fully present with the women I'm coaching and that PISSES ME OFF.

He isn't allowed here! This isn't his place.
He's not allowed in my home, my heart, or my head. 

I shared a post on social media last night praying for the woman carrying around her spiritual debt. The woman making excuses and living in fear. I wrote the post about ME. I needed to read those words and lift myself up from the dark place I was in.

You are empowering, beautiful, inspiring, and amazing! You deserve greatness in your life.

Do not let Satan win.
Don't let him take advantage of your vulnerability.

You are here right now reading this because you need to get him out of your head, your life, your home, and your relationships. 

You are important and valuable. You have a purpose and a calling the world needs to see.

The last week I've found myself in the darkest funk I've had in over a year. I couldn't figure out what was happening. It felt like my house was falling apart at the seams. 

I didn't come this far to fall apart.

Today I woke up with a new attitude, new light, and a new spark. 
The woman I fought so hard for is there. A couple of weeks of Satan sitting on my head is not going to break me. 

My Sweet Friend, you cannot be quiet!
You have gifts the worlds needs to see!
You have children watching to see what is possible for their lives!!

Stop playing small on the sidelines.

Satan will keep piling, piling, and piling stuff on you until your spirit goes to the bottom of the priority list. He will try and beat you down! But he will not win!

When God sees you trying. When He sees he has an ounce of influence over your life, He's going to show up in a HUGE way. He will be there and he will provide EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!



I want you to know, I wanted to quit last week.
I wanted to throw it all away.
The old Michele wanted to rise up and say,

"See I told you so. I knew you couldn't finish. I knew you couldn't follow through. I KNEW you couldn't change those women. You can't change your home. You can't rescue your kids. You can't have a happy marriage."

The noise was too much to handle. So instead of being strong I chose to drown out the noise. I made the choice to drink the noise away. To drown out Satan in my life.
THIS is something old Michele would have done. 

I paid the price on Monday living in my misery, self pity, and self wallowing. I let myself have the day to hurt because I made the CHOICE to wake up on Tuesday regaining power over my life again. I'm too strong to let him win.

HE'S NOT GOING TO WIN. He's not going to see me fail YOU.

You are special and you have so many gifts to share with the world.
You have have joy, laughter, happiness, abundance, and freedom living inside of you.
Start shedding the layers you've put on over the years. Allow your greatness to come to the surface.

I'm stating this very moment that Satan is not allowed in my life.
He's not allowed in my relationships.
My home.
My marriage.
He's not allowed in our hearts.

Tell him to leave your head today. Tell him to go the @%&$# away!!
You're important and you're important to me. 

I didn't create Renew Revive & Thrive for all of these women to come out as failures. I created it for these women to release the shining beautiful women living inside. 

If you're struggling, tell your tribe. If you don't have a tribe, comment below.
I care about you and I want to pray for you. 

These words you're reading, they're not mine. These are His words speaking to you. It's important you live for him every single day. Live in your faith every moment. 

You're on this blog for a reason and I'm grateful you're here.

Rise above and tell Satan to get the hell out of your house. Don't let him sit inside of you and fester.
Shed the layers.
Let the light in.
You aren't meant to be carrying the heavy burdens around. 

I want you to finally put to death the old way of thinking. The old feelings. I want you to quiet the old voices telling you, you aren't enough. 

I want you to show up in your life today ready to be amazing and powerful! I want you to be ready to kick Satan's ass!

You are too amazing to let him win.