4 Key Steps to Making Money While Living in Purpose

When you're a faith focused entrepreneur it can be challenging to put yourself out there. It's important for you to feel like EVERYTHING you do resides within your core values and is in alignment with the purpose and calling God has created you for. 

We've been taught our whole lives...

"Love God more than money!"
"There's more to life than being rich!"
"Money changes you!"

If you're following God's path and living your life according to His purpose you will be rewarded with an abundant life!  

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control... Galatians 5: 22-23

There are 4 key steps to making money while living in purpose.

Step 1: Show up in business how God would show up

I want you to think about your clients and customers.
Are you investing in them?
Are you teaching them?
Are you helping them?

Are you treating them like Jesus would treat them? 

When interacting with your audience, clients, customers, or leads you must be filling them with love and light. It's so important to make them feel like they have someone helping them in their journey.

You never want to tear them down or make them feel pressured. There is nothing worse than feeling obligated to purchase something from someone. 

Really take the time to make sure you're investing in your audience! Treat them with love and kindness. When people purchase your product and service make sure they leave better than when you found them! 

You want them feeling like a million bucks!

Step 2: Align your business with your core values

What are the core values you live by daily?

How are you aligning these values into your business?

Whether it be selling a product or service you must make sure your values are present always. 

Are you honest in your offer or what you say your service will accomplish?
Are you showing integrity by following through on your word?
Are you focusing on your client and how your product or service will make them better?

Focus more on your values and less on the dollar you're trying to make!

Step 3: Provide eternal value to your customers 

Are you providing a service and aligning your business with your eternal goal? If you're faith focused, you must pour into your clients and customers so they can help impact the world in a positive way.

Align your products and services so they are contributing to your eternal goal, which should be to change the world and create a legacy of disciples. You want to make sure the positive you're giving to your audience changes their lives and inspires them to change the direction of their family.

Step 4: Create a plan for your money

Too often, faith focused entrepreneurs get caught up on earning money. They have a sense of guilt for giving money value in their life. They feel like they're comprising their faith by desiring money. 

I'm here to tell you there is nothing wrong with making money fulfilling your purpose! 

God wants us to earn money and he wants us to work. It's important to make sure your business and your financial success is in alignment with how God would want you to spend it. 

The way to stay grounded when achieving financial success is to be God centered and have a plan for your money. 
Are you giving enough to missions and causes?
Are you tithing enough?

Stop listening to what others say you should be donating and listen to the Holy Spirit inside. He'll always guide you and help you to make wise decisions regarding your money. 

We're not meant to be living in poverty! We're meant to enrich His kingdom with our financial blessings. I don't want you for one second to feel guilty about achieving success and making money living in your purpose.

As you share your business with others don't feel like you're being "salesy".

You are doing God's work! He's blessed you with gifts and talents the world needs to see. 

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