Leveraging Instagram

How are you leveraging Instagram to connect with your audience?

Are you giving the good ole thumbs up or are you really making an attempt to make an impact?

Here are some helpful tips on how to grow your following and increase engagement.

1. Your feed should be pleasing to look at. Utilizing the same look and feel throughout your photos. How do you want your followers to feel when they come to your Insta?

2. Engage with your current followers. I know gaining followers is GREAT, but if they just leave right away, what's the point? Take time to know your audience and learn more about them. Go today and leave an authentic comment on 5 of your followers' posts.

3. HASHTAGS!! Research your hashtags. See what hashtags your ideal clients are using. Keep them in your notes on your phone so you can quickly copy and paste.

4. Run contests and campaigns! Use unique and clever hashtags to track your contestants. Create a clever call to action and give them a juicy offer they can't resist!

5. BE CONSISTENT! Show up once a day to say hello. If you're only posting once a week your clients will get bored and be off to find someone else!

What ways have you been able to leverage Instagram in your business? Share your wisdom! We all want to know!