6 Action Steps for List Building Success

When you think about your audience or community, what are you focusing on?

Open rate of your emails?
How many people check out your blog?

Are you focusing on more, more, more? Thinking more is better. 

More likes on Facebook.
More followers.
More comments & engagement.
More people purchasing your products or services.

What if I told you not to focus on more but focus on having a stable lasting engaged community. An audience who will be with you a year from now. 

How do you keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say?

The biggest key is your mindset, what you're thinking is what's being put out into the world. How you're feeling, is how they're feeling. 

Are you ready to hide, afraid of people feeling the fear and grime?

Don't worry Sister, I've been there!

I'm going to give you 6 action steps you can take TODAY to start peaking interest, engaging your online community, and achieving list building success!

Are you ready? LET'S GO!

The first mindset secret for list building success is SET YOUR INTENTION.

Be intentional about who you want in your community.
Who do you want on your list?
What does their life look like?
What are their personality characteristics?
What are they interested in?
What information do they need to know to solve their life or business problem?

Action Step 1 - Write an ideal description of the quality leads you want on your list. Describe what these people are like (beliefs, values, personality, problems, etc.)

Action Step 2 - Write out the number of quality leads you want 6 - 12 months from now along with the growth rate you want to achieve each month.

Make sure your goals are realistic!

The second mindset secret is to have COURAGEOUS FAITH!

You must have courageous Faith when start building your list. God will provide you the people you are meant to serve. You must remind yourself over and over again the strengths, gifts, and talents God has given you, ARE OF VALUE! 

You can't set your intention and in the back of your mind say... 
"Why am I even doing this?"
"No one will sign up."
"This is a waste of time."

Guess what's going to happen? No one will sign up. No one will care what you have to offer. Know why? You have already told your audience the program won't work.

People feel you long before they hear you.

You have to go into it with amazing EXCITEMENT and CONFIDENCE, so people show up and say, "Thank You so much, this really helped me!" 

Action Step 3 - Write out powerful, positive statements about you and what you offer.

Describe your values, gifts, talents, and strengths God has given you!  Describe the abundance God has placed inside of you to share with the world. You must train your brain to focus more on the values, gifts, strengths, and talents God has given you and less on the negative things you are telling yourself.

Your mind is a muscle and it inherently will focus on the negative things.

It's your job to write out powerful statements, powerful prayers asking God for guidance, asking him to change your thoughts, asking him for a new perspective so you can re-train your brain to focus on the positive instead of the negative. 

What are your obstacles and challenges and excuses are you giving yourself about list building?

"I need to generate revenue so I'm focusing on sharing on social media."
"I need to create some fancy offer to give them before I start list building"
"People don't know who I am, why would they sign up for my offer."
"I don't have the credentials to be an expert."
"I can't afford to have lead pages built to gather names."
"I don't have the skills to be able to create something professional."

My beautiful friend, I'm here to tell you those are LIES! You have everything inside of you to start. You just need to take the first step!

Action Step 4 - Create space in your schedule for list building.

There are some amazing free courses out there to teach you how to list build effectively. There are also experts out there just waiting to help. There are also a number of women just like you, who are starting on their own! If you're struggling with what to do first post in Faith Focused Entrepreneurs on Facebook. There are a number of women in there who will help you!

Action Step 5 - Compile a list of your strengths, gifts, talents, achievements, and experience.

Once your compiled your list begin talking to your ideal clients and customers. Ask for feedback on what struggles they're facing and see where your list of amazingness can help them! 

What problems can you solve with your strengths?

Action Step 6 - Research list building tools and pick one.

I can recommend a couple based off of your budget and technical experience. Feel free to comment below or email me at michele@micheleaedwards.com!

I want to share with you my rabbit hole for list building. In November 2016, I decided to become a Christian Life and Business Coach. I had this great divine idea to create a 5 Day Prayer Challenge.

The prayer challenge wasn't business related but more life coaching. The Prayer Challenge attracted a whole bunch of women into my community.

I felt on top of the World! 

After diving into my strengths, talents, and gifts, I asked myself, what was I going to do with these women? I found myself in a rabbit hole because I didn't know who was an ideal client and who wasn't.

I don't want you to fall into the same rabbit hole. This is why it is very important to have good high-quality leads.

Don't get discouraged about being specific on who you want to serve. You need to in order to serve your purpose.

Leave me a note below and let me know your thoughts! Was this helpful? What are you struggling with the most? 

I want to hear from YOU!

Many Blessings,