Increase Your Sales Without Being Unfriended

Browsing your newsfeed on various social media channels can often feel like A BIG LONG COMMERCIAL.


There Susan is again wanting to know if you're ready to build a business from your phone. 
Betsy is posting trying to get you to ask why her teeth are so white.
Then you see the same post 10 times from 10 different people who all push the same product. 

I can promise you, these tactics aren't increasing sales. I know because I've been the annoying girl before and it STINKS!

Because I love you (and I want to save your reputation and your relationships) I'm going to share with you 7 ways you can increase your sales using social media without being labeled!

1. Set Your Intention

Your intention for posting online will make you or break you. People can read through all of the hidden messages. Stop setting the intention to promote your product. Start setting the intention to make your posts about your audience. SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS....not yours.

2. Be Introspective

Evaluate how you're showing up online. Are you bringing inspiration, education, and entertainment? Bring VALUE, bring truth, vulnerability, and integrity! Show your personality and be more relaxed!

3. Consistency

Consistency establishes trust. Become a part of the conversation and show your audience you hear and feel them. If you consistently give yourself abundance comes back. Post a value post once a day! 


Pre-plan your content and make it a priority. Things happen, kids get sick or your day gets away from you. If you have your content pre-planned it takes the stress away of being consistent. Plus, seeing your posts you planned weeks ago is funny, often it's the words YOU need to hear in the present moment.

5. Post on Platforms Where Your Ideal Market Lives

Whoever posts the most WINS is simply not true. Find where your peeps are living and live there. Don't feel like you have to be on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snap Chat, and Pinterest all day everyday. Pick a couple of platforms and revisit 1-4 above!

6. Network

Friend request people online and genuinely get to know them. Learn about their passions and their business. Be YOU! Make valuable and intentional connections. If you authentically meet new people and make new friends they'll WANT to support you.

7. 80/20 Rule

If you are posting about your business on your personal pages be careful! Over sharing is a huge turn off. If you want to post about your business on your personal page, because you are so EXCITED!
That's OK!
Be strategic. You only want 2 of every 10 posts to be about your amazing product you can't live without! The reality is, people are friends with you on Facebook because they want to hear about YOU, not necessarily what you're selling. 

Alright! Now I want to hear from YOU! Implement these key steps and share below how it's going! 

Happy Posting!! 

Much Love,