Facebook Groups....or not?

Facebook Groups are EVERYWHERE! And I know you've probably thought...

If someone adds me to one more group I'm going to SCREAM!

I feel you Girl! I feel you! 

As fast as groups are being created they're also being archived. 

Gone...poof into the wind, with a swipe of a finger. 

I believe, there are variety of reasons why group owners are closing the doors...

  • SIZE: Many of these groups have 5,000+ members and owners simply don't have the time and energy to pour into the group.

  • COST: The group might be free, but the cost it takes to pay admins to maintain the group is no longer cost effective for the owner.

  • EGOS: What once seemed like a great way to find customers and clients has now ensued into a platform for everyone to pour their slimey salesy pitches all over.

  • PURPOSE: The group is no longer serving its purpose. The vision the owner once had has drastically changed as their business has grown.

These groups disappearing has really forced me to think about my own tribe (group), Faith Focused Entrepreneurs, the women in it, the purpose it serves, and the value it brings. 

My tribe currently has 1,300 beautiful, amazing, faithful, and powerful women in it. Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about the lives changed from this group.

I simply can't imagine my life or business without these amazing women.

They are my tribe, my sisters, my girls. 

In the beginning, I created this group as a platform......to sell. 

But VERY quickly, God transformed my heart and opened my eyes to the beauty living in this group. 

The group then transformed into a platform......to serve.

God called and equipped me to build this community for inspiration, encouragement, support, knowledge, love, and connection. It's truly beautiful when I think about it.

With social media growing and the noise never ending, it's truly an honor to have a God centered community where women can learn the how to's for building fruitful online businesses. I love educating women on time management, digital marketing, and mindset strategies, all while lifting His kingdom in prayer. 

Are you thinking of starting a group?
Maybe you're struggling with the decision to close the doors on your group?

If so, I want to help you make the best decision for your business.

Ask yourself these questions...

Does your group drain you or energize you?
Do your members receive consistent value?
Are you primarily using it to promote (sell) your stuff?
What's the return on investment for your group? Is it costing you money to maintain the group?
Are you witnessing meaningful relationships being created?
Do your members feel heard, safe to share, loved, inspired?
Is the group in alignment with your values, beliefs, and God given purpose?

There is no magic answer, only YOU can decide for yourself. 

My path may change in the future but for now I LOVE my tribe! 

These women energize me and inspire me to take action! I love serving them and their businesses. 

BUT, my group isn't the only community out there providing value.

If you're looking to connect with like minded women who are ready to change the world with their purpose and calling I've listed a few groups I encourage you to check out! 

If you're not a part of Faith Focused Entrepreneurs come join us and add your girlfriends who would love it! (Only AFTER you ask permission of course! HA!)

Faith Focused Entrepreneurs
This community was built to inspire, empower, educate and unite women worldwide through collaboration and centering businesses on God! 

Relevant Entrepreneur
The Relevant Entrepreneur Community, a place for entrepreneurial women to learn, grow, be encouraged and supported while they pursue their God-given business dreams. 

Purposefully Designed Women~LOVE LEAD LEGACY
Purposefully Designed Women is all about empowering the extraordinary woman that lives within you. Supporting you in your journey as you discover all that you were created to be!

Proverbs 32 Entrepreneurs
This is a free mastermind group full of encouragement, inspiration, brainstorming, sound boarding, and advice-giving for moving your Relationship Marketing business forward!

Money with Moxie
This community is a safe and supportive place for WOMEN to discuss and learn about money.

If you have an amazing group you'd like to share, leave it in the comments below!

Much Love & Many Blessings!