Find Your Power Within

Exhausted....this was me in August. 
Tired, overwhelmed, and unsure exactly what to do to find myself again. 

Fear had taken over my life.

Fear of failing.
Fear of success.
Fear of letting people down.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of moving.

I was frustrated, I knew what was happening but I couldn't stop it. I felt paralyzed unable to do anything, so I did nothing.

I gave myself every excuse....

"You're tired from launching your signature program."
"You're emotional because you turned 40."
"You're tired because your hormones are out of whack."
"You're distant because your last baby entered kindergarten."
"You're overwhelmed because you're behind from not getting enough done with the kids at home."


Beautiful friend, I was exhausted because I was in full blown self sabotage mode. The upper limit was upon me and I had a full blown pity party for about 2 months. 

Not taking care of my health.
Not taking care of my finances.
Not taking care of my relationships.
Not taking care of me. 

I found myself praying for God to deliver me, but I wasn't sure what I needed delivered from.....myself perhaps?!?

On August 13 I had a dream, more like a meeting with the Almighty. 

The Holy Spirit woke me up multiple times through the night and every time I remember thinking the same thought...

"Michele, you're better than this. This is NOT you. I'm here for you but you're not listening. If you want to find yourself again you must listen and obey my direction."

I tried to go back to sleep every time...and every time He'd awaken me with the same message. 

It wasn't until I acknowledged Him and committed to give him 40 days of prayer and fasting from alcohol, he let me fall back to sleep. 

I made a commitment to myself and more importantly to God to dig deep and find the power within. 

When we live to honor God and we commit to running our businesses in a God honoring way, things change, we change.

We begin to notice the divine appointments and opportunities throughout our day. 
We learn from divine lessons. 
We tell our mountains that our God is BIGGER!
We recognize and appreciate our divine purpose. 
We begin to seek discernment and divine confirmation.
We exercise patience. 
We appreciate the divine relationships in our life and lean on loved ones for support. 
We start to hear His divine messages. 
We move forward with perseverance and outrageous faith.  
We take action on His divine ideas, thoughts, and dreams.
We pray bold prayers and develop Spirit filled eyes.
We witness bigger and bolder miracles and start to harvest the seeds He's helped us sow.
We celebrate His divine surprises and give glory to His timing.
We embrace the Holy Spirit promptings and take tender care of our eternal legacy. 
We find our voice through finding God's voice. 

Sweet friend my prayer for you today, go seek Him. Go bring Him into your business. 

Surrender the worry and fear. Lay it down at His feet. 

He IS bigger than your mountain and He will deliver you from your mountain, even if your mountain is yourself. 

Unleash the power within you and go be the beacon of light He created your to be.