Three Steps Mompreneurs take to create a summer they’re not wishing would end three weeks after it started.

FOMO Free Summer Part 1.png

Marie Kondo has people go from room to room putting everything in a big pile and then going through it piece by piece asking, “Does this spark joy?”.

I think it’s Marie Kondo’s way of keeping the essential things. Obviously, some things like frying pans, toothbrushes, and mattresses are essential. But what about the things that are essential to you, but not to anyone else?

Those are the things that spark joy.

Those are the things that don’t require energy to keep, keeping them actually infuses energy (ie, joy)!

When it comes to being a mompreneur in the summer those are the business things you need to keep, too!

I’m not going to have you pull everything you do and every subscription you have for your business out and ask “does this spark joy” (although I’m sure you wouldn’t be sad with yourself if you did), but I am going to lead you through a system of getting to the essential.

  1. Minimize expenses

  2. Plan for a fall launch

  3. Create a 90 day content strategy


When summer hits we’re so ready to be done helping our kids with homework and chauffeuring them to yet another sports practice. But three weeks in, while most of us enjoy our our kids, we start to feel guilty for all the money we’re not making because we know we’re still paying for all those subscriptions.

You know what I’m talking campaign, canva, web hosting, stock photo subscription…the list can be a mile long!

What if you didn’t have a mile long list of subscriptions to pay for this summer?

Do you think you might feel freedom to spend a little more guilt-free time with your kids?

Do you think you’ll experience a little more joy when you’re with them or making dinner, this summer?

ACTION STEP: Write down all the subscriptions you’re paying for. Go back through that list and circle the ones that your business cannot exist without. Suspend all the other subscriptions for the summer.

Here’s two thoughts to get things started:

  • That stock photo enough images to get you through the summer and end the subscription for now.

  • Are you paying for a bigger plan website play than you need? Maybe you were planning on selling retail on your site, but it hasn’t happened quite yet…? Downgrade for the summer and spend stress free hours figuring out the details and enjoying your kids.


If there’s TWO PIECES of summer business advice I would give every mompreneur, it would be this:
1) Don’t host a launch right before summer that leaves you with clients to keep up with throughout the summer and 2) don’t host a launch during the summer.

So, if I don’t have clients paying me throughout the summer and I don’t have a plan to generate income during the summer, am I even an entrepreneur?

Good question.

Here’s what I want you to do…

Prep for a launch throughout the summer.

Imagine if your only business task for the summer was to spend 20min responding to comments and emails and prepping for a launch. Even if you only did that six hours a week that would be almost 60 hours invested into one course launch!

To do that you’ll need to….

  1. Decide if you’re going to relaunch a current program or launch a completely new program.

  2. Create an irresistible give-me-that-now download so that you can be building you a targeted email list for that launch (if you’re having trouble choosing the perfect download to create for your audience book a call with me here. I’d love to help!).


So far, you know what kind of course you’re gonna launch come fall and you have a new download in the works to build an email list of people who are interested in what you’re going to offer.

Now you need to make sure you’re giving as many people as possible the opportunity to opt-in for that download and ultimately receive the invitation to your launch which will change their lives.

You can choose from email campaigns, daily social media posts, youtube videos, facebook lives videos, Facebook Groups with Q&As, and weekly blog posts (next week’s blog post will be all about automating this content so you don’t feel like you have to be tied to social media all summer).

My content strategy looks like this:
Monthly blog posts.
3 social media posts a week.
Bi-monthly value-filled emails that talk about topics I will dive into deeper in my course.

The key for your 90-Day content strategy is that you want all the content to be aligned and value-adding to someone who would be interested and willing to pay for your course.

You don’t have to have all the details of your course mapped out yet (that’s what you’ll do over the summer, unless you’re re-launching something), but you need to be REALLY clear on your idea client - what they’re struggling with, what their average day looks like, and what their dream life would be.

I’ll admit, that was a LOT of paring-down so I want to close with this: If there’s something in your business that sparks joy in your world that I didn’t leave room for (ie, one-on-one coaching calls) find a space for that.

This is YOUR business.

You went out on a limb so you could live life on YOUR terms, not your business’ terms!

Got it?

P.S. If you’re feeling super inspired to have a FOMO-free summer but you’re also super overwhelmed getting to the end of this, I want to offer you the opportunity to hop on a 60 min call with me for $47 where I will help you break down these steps to build your own FOMO-free summer that includes quality time with your kids and joy-filled time for your business.

Sound like a dream?

Well it’s absolutely possible.

Why not let me help you make it a reality?!