Simple Strategies to Enjoy Your FOMO-Free Summer

I was panicking

It was 9am on a Wednesday morning.

FOMO Free Summer Part 2.png

I had forgotten to post on Instagram AND Facebook the night before. Come to think of it I had forgotten to post the night before that too! And the Sunday-evening email I was supposed to send...well it didn’t happen either.

How could I have let that happen?

But it had.

I had been having a great time in real life, with my family on Mother’s Day (reason for unsent email), buying graduation gifts Monday night, and slurping spaghetti with some girlfriends Tuesday night.

Real life was perfect!

Fast forward a little while...okay a few years and I have a writer on my team who writes and schedules all my social media posts. I don’t even have to think about them (no more 9am heart attacks).

This, dear reader, is the power of automation....

...consistent visibility

…brain space to create different content

...freedom to enjoy the life you’re living AS you’re living it

And this power is the power I’m going to help you harness in today’s post so that you can get every sun-shiny drop of joy from your FOMO-free summer.


Let’s begin...

  1. 90 day content strategy (email, social media, blog posts)

  2. Automate

  3. Schedule “engagement” time/30min calls or quick fb live videos


In last weeks blog post (read it HERE) we talked about choosing platforms for your 90-Day Marketing Strategy. This week we’re gonna break down putting content to that strategy.

  1. Give your month a theme. All the content you create for the month of June will be around that theme (feel overwhelmed with picking themes that will speak to your audience and connect them with your ULTIMATE offer?! Book a call with me to break it down..

  2. Pick themes for each day of social media content (faith, family, business tips, blog share, digital course promo).

  3. Create your BIG piece of content for each month 1st, whether that’s a blog post, youtube video, fb live outline. This is your anchor content. This piece should include a BOLD sell to a digital course or invitation to a sales call or free download to build your email list (if you read last weeks post, you would want to drive traffic to your download in preparation for your fall launch).

  4. Create 2-4 social media posts that promo this piece of content.

  5. Create 2-4 social media posts inspired by this content, whether that’s a phrase you said that you want to elaborate on or another thought that was sparked by the creation.


You have 4-8 of the 20 posts you need for the WHOLE moth written!

6. From there fill in content based on the themed days you created for your social media.

We recommend creating this content in a google drive.


You’ve spent a ton of time and energy creating the content! Let’s be real, it’s easy to forget to post content when you’re having fun with your kids (or trying to keep up with them and keep them entertained). If you schedule it to “post itself” you can spend time with your kids without stressing about having free time at 5pm to post your IG photo!


Block off a minimum of three hours to get all this content scheduled. I recommend the following platforms:


INSTAGRAM AUTOMATION: Planoly (if you have a business IG profile it will post for you!)

FACEBOOK AUTOMATION: The scheduling option within the app for business pages and Facebook Groups.

If scheduling content makes you feel CRAZY, hit me up. This is actually the part I’m REALLY good at and enjoy. I’d love to walk you through these platforms. Here’s the link to get on my calendar!


The point of social media is to be social. Posting and “ghosting” (as Jenna Kutcher says) will not serve you in driving traffic. Now, this whole series is about freeing up brain space and time to be present with your kids and enjoy the summer, so I’m not about to tell you to schedule time EVERY day to engage, but I will tell you to schedule one of two things…

  1. 30min three times a week

  2. 10min every morning (I like this option best bc you generally post in the evening, this allows you to catch up on all your engagement from the night before and boost your posts visibility) follow up with comments, watch your friends’ stories on IG, and like a few posts on facebook.  

Scheduling engagement time not only keeps your social media presence strong it keeps you focused. How?

Well, I’m the first to admit I really like social media, personally - not just professionally. Scheduling time allows me to scroll social media and interact with friends intentionally without feeling guilty. I’m only spending 10min a day or 30min three days a week to do this.

Moral of the story: you can get a lot done in the summer without having to work a million hours and feel guilty about not being with your kids.

It will take work, but it is absolutely possible (even if you don’t have a writer making you look seamlessly epic online).

Showing up daily and engaging with people who are engaging with you improves your bottom line and builds your email list.

Instead of seeing these next three months as a time where you're out of pocket, see it as a time to build up to an epic launch this fall.

Be strategic.

Be intentional.

Be consistent.