How to Build Your Business Without Being a Slave to Social Media

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Hey Friends!!

The biggest question I’ve been asked lately is….

“How can I promote my business without living on Social Media?”

Inquiring minds really want to know,

“Is it REALLY possible to have a successful business without an online presence?”

Well, the World Wide Web began in 1990 and Facebook was founded in 2004.

AND...people were successful and making money in their businesses before that, so the answer is YES!

It’s possible. It just takes a different approach and shifting your priorities.

The key to growing your business and ending the feeling of being a slave to your phone is EXCELLENT customer service and ROCKING products or services people can’t live without!

Girl, you’ve got to build trust with your customers and personally connect with them. Go the extra mile, be flexible, and be responsive (answer a message or phone call after hours).

Give them a product they can’t get enough of! It helps if your product is consumable or something they use everyday. You’ve got a winner if it makes their lives less stressful, gives them more time in their day, or allows them to experience more joy in their lives.

So….how do you promote your business without social media?

Here are 12 ways to get you started!

  1. More face to face! Attend networking events and find people to collaborate with.

  2. Hand out business cards with or without samples.

  3. Post flyers in places where your ideal customer shops or spends time.

  4. Promote rewards programs to create loyal customers.

  5. Word of Mouth!! Offer a referral program for clients!

  6. Make sure everyone you know, knows you’re looking for new customers. Talk to friends and family share what you’re working on! Some people may not even know!

  7. Start a monthly meetup in your area!

  8. Create a free resource people can share.

  9. Focus on communicating with your clients via email. Send them emails sharing your latest blog, promotions, testimonials, etc.

  10. Give back events; buy coffees for people, leave nice notes, leave nice feedback for other businesses, food drives, fundraisers, etc.

  11. Partner with people who DO have social media. Leverage their audience!

  12. Enlist the help of Guest Bloggers and find people you can write for.

I know you want more time with your family. You want them to see they’re a priority and not your dreaded phone. It’s OK to take a break from Social Media or to shut it down all together!

You Do You!

If shutting down your Social Media accounts doesn’t seem feasible for you right now here are a couple of ways you can step back without your audience crumbling.

  • Hire a Content Manager or Social Media Manager to create content and schedule your posts. They can even respond to comments and engage with your audience!

  • Take one day a month to create and schedule all of your content for the month! This will give you the freedom to be with your family and personally connect with your customers.

  • Enlist the help of guest speakers to take over your social media for a day. Give them the freedom to host live videos and stories on your feed.

What idea speaks to you the most? Drop me a comment below and leave me some love!

If you’re struggling with balancing business and life feel free to send me quick note at I’d love to hear from you!