A flourishing and grounded business is built on God, Faith, Character, Confidence, and Service.

Yet, all too often, at least one of those elements is left out.

And I think you know which one, don’t you?

You’ve been feeling it. Constantly searching for resources and leaders who lead with faith and have a solid foundation built on God.

But you’ve been feeling like you’re coming up short.

The thing is, it’s not you, sweet friend.

It’s those programs and those other leaders who are missing something.

I want you to know something – you’re not alone.

When I realized that in the search of a perfect life, I lost sight of the perfect One, it stopped me cold in my tracks.

I repented.
I refocused.
I reconnected.

And as a result, I rediscovered a passion and fire in me that had been there all along, I just didn’t know it.

A deep desire to create a thriving life and business that would not only honor God but show the world who He is.

I realized that God gave me a powerful gift of helping others build successful businesses rooted deeply in God… I just had to accept it and begin taking action to recreate my life.

And that’s just what I did.

If you’re ready to learn how to do the same, here’s how we can work together:

Renew Revive Thrive - 6 Week Self-Study

This study is PERFECT for the beautiful and sensitive woman struggling with shame, guilt, lack of purpose, and a past she can’t let go of.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn to let go of the spiritual debt blocking you from living a life of joy, connection, and peace.  My sweet friend, you are WORTHY of God’s grace and love, whether you feel like it or not.

In this 6-week self-study, you’ll:
Learn how to connect with God and find peace through forgiveness.
Create healthy habits and restore relationships.
Discover your authentic self and find the purpose of your life.

Together, with other amazing and perfectly imperfect women, you'll create an impact on your life through prayer and center your life on God and your values to renew your sense of purpose, revive your soul, and thrive from this day forward.  

Christian Entrepreneur Academy ~ 10 Month Group Coaching

The Christian Entrepreneur Academy will give you a strong foundation so you can have freedom, success, purpose, and an impactful business centered on God.

The Christian Entrepreneur Academy solves FIVE major problems faith focused entrepreneurs have:

1. How to unleash courageous faith to align your purpose and business with God. 
2. How to create purpose driven content  that will attract an audience.
3. What steps to take to build an online business when technology isn't your jam.
4. Having Godly business mentors you can trust.
5. Finding other entrepreneurs who love God and want to financially enrich His kingdom by building a business that honors Him

In the Christian Entrepreneur Academy, you’ll:

  • Create a business that honors God.
  • Impact the world in only the way YOU can!
  • Deliver products and services with a message of purpose.
  • Know how to leverage social media and turn your cold market warm.
  • Have a beautiful website that you can run and operate all on your own without having to outsource help.
  • Create a simple lead funnel that will bring people from all over the world to you.
  • Know exactly how to setup Facebook Ads targeted to your audience so you can stop wasting your money.
  • (Re)Launch your business feeling empowered, professional, and confident in your path without uprooting your faith.

Building a purpose driven and God centered business does not need to be scary or overwhelming (or cost you a fortune), that is satan trying to keep you small!

If you are ready to stop living in fear and you really want your God sized VISION and DREAM to come to life, this program will help you to make it happen.

This program is VERY intimate because the program is very involved and I want to give my best to each participant, so let’s have a conversation. Book a free strategy session to see this program is the right fit for you.


Purpose Driven Business ~ 4 Month 1:1 Private Coaching

If you're a Faith Focused Entrepreneur and ready to center your business on God and your purpose this is for YOU! 

I'll walk you through creating a solid business foundation built on your core values. You'll have an impactful business that connects deeply with your audience so you can attract the right people. I'll help you create action plans that keep you focused and motivated. I will coach you through creating amazing products & services that will change lives. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts on how to run a powerful online business while having the freedom you desire.

Purpose Driven Business Coaching will help you create momentum in your business and live a passionate and meaningful life! 

With my Purpose Driven Business Coaching you'll get...

  • Twice Monthly Private Sessions via Zoom 
  • Signature Modules & Library of Recommended Readings
  • 24/7 access to me and my team via email and private message
  • 30% off one future group coaching program

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