for the self starter!

If you’re a go-getter who loves knocking out projects on her own time you’re in the right place.

Or maybe you want to get to know me before hiring me to help you build your online business, either way, I’m glad you’re here!


It’s time to trade “I wish I could get paid doing this” for

“I’m really doing this!”

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How to Guide for Starting Your Online Business - $9

How great would it be to have a Starting My Business map?!

Like, something that literally laid out “You are Here” and everything along the way to “X marks the spot”? Because that’s what this is. A master guide complete with questions to guide you to clarity, checklists to answer those “now what?” moments, and resources so you can tailor your business to you!


Renew Revive Thrive Self-Study - $27

This study is PERFECT for the beautiful and sensitive woman struggling with shame, guilt, lack of purpose, and a past she can’t let go of.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn to let go of the spiritual debt blocking you from living a life of joy, connection, and peace.  My sweet friend, you are WORTHY of God’s grace and love, whether you feel like it or not.

In this 6-week self-study, you’ll:
Learn how to connect with God and find peace through forgiveness.
Create healthy habits and restore relationships.
Discover your authentic self and find the purpose of your life.

Together, with other amazing and perfectly imperfect women, you'll create an impact on your life through prayer and center your life on God and your values to renew your sense of purpose, revive your soul, and thrive from this day forward.  

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Social Media for Business Digital Course - $67

Social Media for Business Marketing
This course will help you discover why you should use social media for business and give you the scoop on the top 6 platforms to use. Hidden bonus: you’ll stop being a slave to your phone and get your life
back! Your husband, kids, and mother will thank you!

This course includes:
• 2 + hours of video training.
• Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media Strategy Checklists
• Hashtag Swipe File
• Content Calendar Template
• Step-by- step training on how to create a 30-day content plan (that works!) without
• Understand social media analytics and why numbers matter (and why you should pay