Liz Medley

Network Marketing Professional

Michele and I worked on strategizing and implementing my internet marketing plan-- online courses, opportunity funnels, free downloads, and trainings. I love how Michele can take my vision, my words and ideas and make it better than I imagined! I love how she writes and how she layouts the functionality of the page blows me away! She’s shown me I’m not made to serve everyone nor should I want to.

She’s taught me how to focus on my strengths and she’s helped me get clarity on my voice. I know how to talk to my favorite person or lead when I am giving a message or teaching. I have worked with a coach for 6 of the 13 years in business. Michele is different than the rest because we have accomplished so much of what I have been trying to accomplish on my own plus more. She treats our projects as if they were her own. You can feel the love that she pours into each project. She is a servant leader, loving, kind and extremely creative. Michele is honest, she always delivers, and makes me feel like she has time for me and that I'm special. Michele has me so fired up with ideas and has me taking actions that are gaining momentum. She helps me create amazing content from my voice and her imagination. She has helped me see a bigger picture of what my future can look like.

Since working with Michele I'm well on my way to having a completely automated network marketing business and another stream of income. Michele has blown my expectations out of the water. She makes everything so simple! My business has completely changed. I’m no longer chasing prospects. I have my ideal customers and business partners coming to me wanting to learn more. What Michele has helped me put into place has taken my business and brand to another level. 

Kim Hollis


Michele and I have worked together on various women’s ministry events and group studies. I enjoy Michele’s uplifting and empathetic attitude. She’s taught me to love myself and embrace who I truly am. Michele has a love and passion for life, a compassionate heart and an empathetic soul. Michele has motivated me to embrace my strengths and continue to grow in the areas of my life that are weaker. She has inspired me to take control of my life in the here and now with a positive attitude! Michele loves God and she loves people! Everything else in her life is touched by this belief. When Michele shares her beliefs it’s inspiring and uplifting. Love is first in her life, and everyone will benefit from hearing from her. Having Michele as a friend and sister in Christ in my life has helped me to overcome my self doubt. I am learning how to embrace who I am with strength and grace to those around me. She always brings a fresh perspective, uplifting attitude and positive outlook to any experience!


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Jennifer Porter

Program Execution Manager

I have had the pleasure of calling Michele a friend for over 20 years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to witness a beautiful transformation from a woman that was uncertain of her place in the world to a confident leader that has embraced her gifts and passions and created a life of purpose. Michele is a wonderful listener that has a gift of delivering the right message at the right time. She will believe in you until you are ready and able to believe in yourself. She is a fierce advocate for all women; her clients and friends are lucky to have her in their corner.

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Sandie Carte


Michele is a great listener, insightful, shares from her heart, helps you see things from different perspectives, sincere, values you and helps you to see value in yourself, selfless, professional yet personal, I love her spiritual insight and her heart for family and for God! I've learned so much on affirmations ...they work, value on talent and gifts not just income, grace and self worth! Michele has helped me work through finances. My attitude has shifted in a positive way about money and has inspired me to pursue what I love and to seek my purpose. Michele is an example of God's love. She's real and uses her faith in her coaching for Gods glory not her own. She's been given a gift. I have never felt pressured or judged but rather accepted, encouraged and empowered to be a better version of me. Before working with Michele I wondered would it truly benefit me and after a short time I noticed a shift in my attitude and my willingness to grow. As I learned more each week it became so obvious. I looked forward to each time I was able to spend with her and see "what's next". I've learned to tackle one thing at a time, allow myself some grace for my short comings, seek out the positive, prioritize God, family, work etc, be patient on Gods timing while learning the next chapter of the journey. Women are crazy not to work with Michele. Her business, personal and spiritual background will help you identify the great things within you and your own journey. Be prepared for truth and boldness yet, compassionate too. 


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Krista Evans

Co-Founder pow{her} & purpose

This was the first time I had ever worked with a coach and I loved it! I worked with Michele on finding my passion and purpose, and the way I view money. Michele loves God and leads with that! She is very insightful. She offers guidance and accountability. Since working with Michele I discovered I have a purpose and a passion. I have been able to discover that and put it into practice!! It's been amazing. Michele allowed me to realize that I have a purpose and a place. That I matter and God wants to use ME! I absolutely loved Michele sharing her beliefs! That is what drew me to her. I would never have done this program otherwise. I felt kind of stupid hiring a coach.  Like I should be able to handle life without one, but it has been an amazing experience. She has been so encouraging, pushing me out of my comfort zone and offering insight and accountability. Michele has transformed my life. I have been able to break the chains of bondage around money. I can now go and buy things without guilt. Not in excess or irresponsibility, but if I truly want something I can now buy it. I feel like now I know I deserve and can accept good things. Also, I have been praying for months to be used in ministry, but not to just fill a spot. I wanted to be passionate about it and really make a difference. Michele has been able to really take time to reflect internally and spend time on me. I know am certified to teach an amazing workout class that also pours into the people that take it. It's leading me down some pretty amazing paths. I feel like I can finally have my passion for fitness and my passion for helping and encouraging others married into an awesome ministry. If you were thinking of hiring Michele, I would say do this for yourself. It is so worth it!!  Even if it stretches you financially, you can and will gain so much from it!! I can't believe the transformation from myself since I started with her 4 months ago. I went from broken and empty to whole and so full that I can't contain it sometimes! Michele keep doing what you are doing sister!! You are pouring into so many people and changing so many lives, directly and indirectly!! Keep shining your light!

Emily Levanduski

Hairstylist & Essential Oil Enthusiast

I have really enjoyed working with Michele. She helped me find my true passion as an entrepreneur. During the process I started to love myself and believe in myself again. Sounds simple enough but its so important to change your inner thoughts so you can shine bright while branding yourself and your business. Our group trainings were especially helpful to me because it brought so much great energy having several women learning together.

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Tiffany McKinney


I enjoyed Michele being real. She tells you how she overcame real struggles in life and business. She taught me how to overcome my personal limitations and bounce back when I hit my upper limit! I’ve worked with a coach before but working with Michele was MUCH more personal and I felt like I got way more out of it. She inspired me to incorporate two of my passions into building my business. I am an Interior Designer and I am passionate about essential oils. She showed me how to do both! I had doubts that I wouldn't get anything out of having a coach but after our first meeting I knew she could offer me a great deal of help. Michele is worth every penny! She is talented and respected and she lifts women up!

Nichole Newman

Wellness Advocate

Michele always knows what to say at that perfect time. I cannot tell you how many times something would come up in the day that would really set me back. At those moments a Facebook notification or text from her would pop up telling me the advice I needed, like she knew! When that Facebook notification pops up I know I’m about to be inspired! To pinpoint the biggest thing I’ve learned is so hard. I have learned I am so much more then I ever thought I was and that simply changing how I view things improves myself and those around me. Michele truly wants to help. She sees you and wants to make sure you shine in every way possible. Anytime I talk to Michele I become motivated. Her energy is so giving. She is always so positive. In one of our meetings I was having a hard time with myself all around. I have never been good with self-esteem. Michele was so kind and really showed me my own beauty with not just my looks but what I have to offer the world. This uplifted me and has stuck with me always. My relationship with money has never been good... in fact I didn't have one at all. Money was like the nasty rival I just wanted to forget. Michele changed that for me. She helped me build a loving relationship with my account. I am a financial genius after all! It has taken me so long to figure out who Nichole is. Over the course of the last 3 months I’m finding new things out and having a beautiful time getting to know me. When I met Michele I was starving for a change but I just wasn't sure what it was. It was Michele! Thank you so much for everything you have done. I cannot express to you how much you have touched my life and how much I appreciate you.

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Jimita Buskirk

Health - Wellness + Home care

Michele is real and down to earth and inspires me to be the best version of myself. She’s taught me I am worthy and capable. Michele stands out because of her compassion for others, passion for helping others, and her gentle yet fierce spirit. She has renewed my view of myself by inspiring me to see my self worth and power. Michele has the high values and deep rooted faith all women of God should possess. I am encouraged by her sharing her beliefs because I have the same beliefs. I have never felt pressured or judged in any way. Working with Michele has been a very refreshing and renewing experience. I have been courageously approaching obstacles that were hindering my life and business. I believe we did NOT meet by accident and I am grateful.

Jessica Griffin

Pharmacist and Kids Church Director

I enjoy working with Michele because she is very honest, always wants to improve herself and others. The biggest thing I’ve learned since working with Michele is to always look at where other people are coming from. There are many ways of seeing the world and my way isn't always the best way. Working with her has stretched me to think outside the box. Not to settle for the status quo and to think BIG. What stands out about Michele is her heart for others. Her heart for God. Her constant drive to improve herself and those around her. Michele inspires me because she always dreams big. She pushes me to step outside my comfort zone and pushes me to be my best self. Michele is very committed to Jesus and wants to spread his message to everyone. She knows how much He's changed her life and knows that he can bring hope and healing to everyone. Michele is the least judgmental person I have ever met. She is happy to know people from all backgrounds and viewpoints. She doesn't make anyone feel bad if they see things differently than her. She celebrates differences and encourages everyone to be the person God created them to be. She continues to challenge me to see the world from other people's perspective and to really dig into what the Bible says about different topics. Michele is AWESOME. She is so enthusiastic and energetic in her passion about bringing out the best in people. She is authentic, caring, and would be a great coach for anyone!

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Bobbi Patchin


Michele has helped me create an Optin and automated emails for my business. Michele was very easy to work with and so patient with me. She offered great ideas and feedback to help my system get started. Michele has a great spirit, heart, and she’s caring. I feel blessed Michele was brought into my life when I needed it. 

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Tracy Varner


Michele is helping me find my true self and what I want from life. She is very encouraging and positive. She brings out my positive side. Michele stands out because she has gone through her own issues and overcame them and she gives strong support. Michele inspires me because she is happy and positive and has changed her life for the better. Michele has very strong values and strong faith. In working with Michele for 4 weeks, I now have belief in myself and see myself differently from before. I even found a new job! Her program has helped me immensely.

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